Top 3 Reason Adherence Leads to More Fat Loss

Before we dive into this I have one question: with all the free content online for weight loss, fat loss, getting ripped and getting strong, why are there SO many people that STILL struggle to accomplish their goals?

I won't give you the answer quite yet, but just think about that.

What usually happens with clients I’ve worked with, people I talk to and DM’s I get on instagram is: “I was doing this program but I couldn’t stick to it”, or “I got bored with it”, or “it was too hard”.

In general they couldn’t stick to what they were doing for whatever reason.

With that in mind, the #1 variable I want you to consider is not your exercises, your macros, what you eat or anything like that.


Like my boy Cody “Boom Boom” McBroom says, adherence is always #1.

I could give you the greatest, most functional, fat burning, muscle building godlike program right now. BUT, if you didn’t enjoy it? Wouldn't stick with it?




Do it.

Point blank.

At the end of the day, we will not do what we can’t stick with. This fact is why you can do a crappy program and see gains. Just simply remaining adherent to a program will guarantee some kind of change.

But there’s way more to the benefits of adherence than just sticking to a workout program. Let’s dive in.


Building a Better Lifestyle

Let’s face it, we’ve all done something that’s good for us for maybe a month and then said, “ahh yea that’s enough for now, I’m good”, and stopped. We grow complacent with a routine, a plan or look for a temporary solution and eventually start back to where we began. For instance, take a look at this flow chart for typical weight loss:

Now this flow chart doesn’t apply to just weight loss. You can basically apply to it any type of goal that can see short terms results from, especially if you’re just starting out. Everyone can get results short term. But they’re just that, short term. In order to build a true lifestyle, you must adapt yourself step-by-step for long-term gains. Remaining adherent to your plan,
as long as it is progressed correctly, WILL allow you to keep seeing those results you want.

Get out of this cycle, and start seeing some long-term results. Start making little changes to build good habits into your lifestyle. These little changes will add up to get what you’re here for: FAT LOSS!

Building a Better Mindset

The problem with the previous cycle was partly because the person who’s typically caught in this circle is looking for that next best thing to solve their fat loss problem. They’ve tried everything! Every diet, every plan, every this and that looking for results. Usually, as mentioned before, they’ll see results for a month and their mindset of quick gratification and quick fixes engages for a month or so and then they fall off. They see the change and are like: “dope I got it, I’m good”.

Adherence and the mindset behind it is sticking with the plan even AFTER you see results. It’s about
continuing to see resultsIt only takes adapting a lifestyle mindset of health and wellness ONCE, and I mean REALLY embracing as a part of your life, and you remain adherent forever. Now of course that’s not easy. It takes hard work, a lot of trial and error and some failure. But look, that’s anything in life. But if you never try a new strategy and just keep bouncing from program to program, you’ll never break this cycle. If you don’t adapt a different mindset geared toward embracing the journey and living the journey, you’ll ride the fat loss rollercoaster forever.

One of my clients just recently had an amazing mindset switch. For the first time ever, she’s looking forward to the gym. That’s HUGE. Going into the gym WANTING to be there, WANTING to crush it and WANTING to grind for those results makes all the difference. She’s going to give it her all with every session when she steps in there. Compare that with someone who’s kinda just going to go. They’re just not going to give the same effort long-term. Trust the process.
With the right plan and mindset, you can see that fat loss!

Oh, yea, every diet works. Yes, every diet works. You just need to find one you enjoy and can remain
adherent to.

Building An Avenue For Progression

Progression is
SO KEY for any type of fitness related goal you have. If we don’t progress, we’ll just plateau and stop seeing change. But here’s the thing: if we never remain adherent, we’ll never give ourselves an opportunity for progression and see fat loss. Depending on the person and training experience, after about 3-4 weeks it’s time progress and advance on your journey. But by that time, people are COMPLETELY dropping their program and changing to another one. Combining embracing lifestyle + a journey-oriented mindset you can give yourself an avenue to progress and get the highest potential fat loss outcome.

Progression is how we see results and continue to see results. By challenging the body a little bit more, every cycle, we are encouraging fat loss. The body never
FULLY adapts to what we’re throwing at it. We’re giving a little extra stimulus for fat loss each cycle which will almost guarantee continued fat loss. But again if we can’t adhere to the program, it won’t matter. Again, I can build you the best progressive, non-adaptive, fat burning program on the market, but if you don’t adhere, we get nowhere.

So you can see now why I call adherence the #1 variable for fat loss. It doesn’t matter what you do short-term, it matters what you do long-term. Fat loss is a long process that WILL have ups and downs. But if you embrace the lifestyle, mindset and create that avenue for progression, you WILL see results. Sometimes it just takes the right coach and plan to help you remain adherent and get that fat loss you desire!

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  • Although I dont have a weight loss issue 85% of what your talking about sounds like me. Thanks I have some more to work for I already started just admitting I see this in me thank you very much.


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