The #1 Movement for Mobility as a Human

We already know how important Mobility is for fat loss. Injury mitigation, more calories burned and building MORE muscle are the top 3 reasons we covered. You’ll be able to move more efficiently, sink deeper into your squats and lunges and you’ll bulletproof your joints. Seems like a good deal to me.

So since we know mobility is so important, where the hell do we start?

It can seem like a daunting task because there’s potentially SO much to work on. However, I have the solution: The #1 Movement for Mobility as a Human --- The Bodyweight Squat.

The body weight squat is the FOUNDATION of just about EVERYTHING we do. I don’t care if you’re passionate about building a stronger upper body, lower body, core, shoulders or literally ANYTHING else. The body weight squat works just about every muscle in your body. It has a shit ton of requirements, so learning how to squat better, deeper and for longer periods of time will build muscle and build mobility at the same time.

Okay Coach, I get it. Now where do I start?

It’s pretty simple.

To get better at squatting, you have to… squat. Yes, to get better at squatting you have to SQUAT, A LOT. And I don’t mean with a barbell on your back. I mean just sit in a deep squat with just your body. If you stood up right now, could you just sit in a deep squat without any shoes? Could you hold that position for a minute? 2 minutes? 4 minutes? If the squat is not a resting position for you, you got some work to do!

Right here, right now, I’m recommending that you enroll in my FREE 7 Day Online Mobility Course: Kronic Mobility. It teaches you how to build your way into a deep squat, at YOUR pace. It doesn’t matter if you’re 23 or 63, you NEED to be squatting. My program helps you work your way into a more mobile and stable bodyweight squat. Check out this testimony from someone who finished the course and continued do the mobility exercises for a few weeks after:

“My feedback is great! I have been doing your mobility exercises for a couple weeks now, and I have seen good results. I am a new big fan of the deep squat, and I do that as often as I can throughout the day. It has really helped with my posture and my lower back pains from sitting at a desk every day.”

He saw REAL results in the way he FELT. He saw his pain go down, he saw his posture improve. Once he saw those results, he was sold. If you’re in pain, having trouble getting deeper in your squats, having trouble with thoracic mobility, ankle and/or hip mobility, go sign up for Kronic Mobility. It’ll seriously help you.

Squats are NOT bad for you knees.

Shitty squats are bad for your knees.

Squats are AMAZING for your knees. Why? Because they help STRENGTHEN all the muscles around the knees and hips to help PROTECT the knees.

Squatting with your knees past your toes is NOT bad for your knees.

Squatting with your knees past your toes with your weight IN your knees, is bad for your knees if your knees are not PREPARED to handle that level of resistance.

It’s all about context.

If you can’t squat ass to grass without any shoes, bands or other supporting mechanisms, why are you putting 300 pounds on your back?

I stopped squatting for a bit to work on my mobility. My squat wasn’t the best. I would barely make it to parallel and would fall over. I couldn’t get ass to grass without my back rounding so much that my lower back basically hit the ground before my ass did. It was bad.

After spending 8 months working my ass off (there are NO quick fixes), my squat drastically improved.

My torso is WAY more upright, my hips are WAY deeper in the squat and my thoracic spine is activated and extending. It’s completely possible and doable. It takes time, though. If you’ve been squatting (or not) for a certain way for a very long time, it’ll take consistent daily effort to improve it. Remember: Kronic Behavior, Kronic Results.

If you’re ready to get busy on your squat and kickstart your mobility journey for FREE, CLICK HERE and enroll in my online course.

Improve your squat, get more mobile, burn more fat, move MORE weight, BETTER.

If you feel like you need more personal, individualized attention, schedule a Free 30 Minute Strategy Call with me HERE and we can develop some strategies for you to get your started on your fitness journey, no matter what your goal is.

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