Q&A Session #1

I had my first Q&A Session and a ton of people asked some really great questions! Thank you to everyone that submitted questions! If you’re reading this and have any questions of your own, or have followed up questions, feel free to leave a comment down below or DM me on Instagram @CoachKronic and I’ll take a look! For now let’s get into these responses!


Ima smaller guy and want to pack on pounds should my strategy be get as much food in me as possible whether it be healthy or not? Or try eat more clean but in large amounts?

In general, your first step should be to develop a maintenance level of calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight. Then you can build a strategy to get into a slight caloric surplus and slowly gain weight. The “dirty bulk” technique may help you see results short term but your hormones, energy levels, gut health and digestion will be ALL out of whack eventually. Have your diet be 80% wholesome, nutritious food from the earth and the other 20% be your fun. Eat greens, eat grains, eat lean meats (or beans, legumes, seeds, edamame etc if you’re vegetarian) as often as possible, then leave the pizza, fries, and burgers for the other times. Check out my E-Book on building macronutrients for cutting, bulking and maintenance macros HERE. It gives a ton of different strategies and shows you how to build those macros (proteins, carbs and fats) step by step!

I’ve been trying to do some more mobility workouts...but my hips...click... Is this a bad thing?

As I said in my reply on Instagram, definitely go see a Physical Therapist and get evaluated. I had a similar issue (sometimes still do) with clicking in my right knee and ankles. I played A LOT of basketball twisting, spraining and destroying my ankles. During my recovery all I did was… nothing (big mistake). After my 3rd or 4th sprain, tons of clicking and pain. My knee was clicky as well, but I didn’t see pain. When I spoke to a PT about it, he explained to me that the clicking isn't necessarily bad as long as no pain followed it. He explained that we’re naturally loud and things will click. However, if you have pain WITH the clicking that’s a huge red flag. That being said, go get evaluated and see what they say.

    What are the best home exercises to increase my vertical?

    If you’re trying to increase your vertical you need to do movements that are going to increase the explosive capability of your muscles. You need them to be able to stretch and contract QUICKLY. You need to be POWERFUL. There are a few great exercises that a great physical therapist and trainer named Jeff Cavaliere over at Athlean X showed on his youtube channel for increasing vertical and the concept of training for power. I thought about making some videos, but he’s doing everything I’d do and more. So check those out and see how they help! If you need more help with this after you’ve checked out those videos, shoot me a DM on instagram @CoachKronic and we’ll get a bit more in depth.


    How do you keep yourself consistent with mobility training?

    This is a tough one. Mobility training isn’t fun all the time. In fact it’s hard, frustrating and takes times to see serious results. The best way I’ve remained consistent has been putting them in my morning routine at a lower intensity. I move all my joints individually every morning. All of them. They’re called CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations). I do that every morning so I never have to think about when I’m going to do it and I just naturally build the habit. The next time I do mobility work is when I train. I literally train at the gym sometimes doing JUST mobility. It can be THAT challenging at high intensities. So find a good time to get mobile done everyday and stick to it!


      How do I plan a diet that is good for me and not boring for my palate?

      I would honestly Google basically what you're asking. Google is going to give you just about everything you need to not get bored when you’re building a diet. I eat ALL kinds of food and don’t limit myself to chicken and rice (or subway, I love subway) and I still eat well. If a recipe calls for a certain ingredient you don’t like or that sucks, X it and find something else that’s a bit better for you. I also highly recommend checking out my E-Book. I have a ton of strategies for building a sustainable diet in it. You can see it HERE.

        I find myself stopping and starting programs and just “exercise” in general. Advice for motivation?

        Motivation only lasts so long. It’s a fast burning fuel that can leave you gassed out QUICK. The reason I say this is because that initial “I’m fired” up stage only lasts so long. It’s why so many people quit. Here’s a few ways to stay in the game long-term:

            1. Find a program you REALLY enjoy. Make sure it’s actually something you look forward to doing. If you don’t like it, you WON’T do it, point blank.
            2. Find someone (like me :) ) to keep you accountable on your journey. Or find a buddy to exercise with. You’re SO much more likely to stay on it if you have someone to report your progress to or go with to the gym.
            3. Think CRITICALLY about why you want to exercise. Think about what your true motivations are. Why do you want to exercise? What do you want to change or improve about yourself? Get past the aesthetics, dig deep within yourself to find your real reason. THAT reason is going to help you stick with it long term.

            I know stretching is just as important as everything else. How can I find/create a routine that works my entire body that I can do 2xs a day?

            This depends on your schedule, your previous training experience, your movement capability and so much more. Also, I would start with 3-4 times a week at first, then MAYBE move to 2x a day if you’re recovering properly and not feeling gassed out. That’s a strong maybe by the way. I’m laying this out because you need to be able to identify all those things before you make a plan. If you can’t (not saying you can’t) do a body-weight squat efficiently, you’re not gonna go making a program with pistol squats. If you can’t bring your shoulders by your ears without your lower back curving and your ribs flaring out, you’re not gonna make a program with a heavy overhead press. My best recommendation would be to checkout Athlean X and look through their YouTube library. They have a ton of assessments, exercises and even full body workouts you can do that are safe and will help! If you still find yourself struggling to make a program, I can certainly help!

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